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Proudly introducing his daughter, Linnea, David presents some of his favorite songs accompanied by his favorite musicians. Stepping out from under his Maritime hat these songs cover a wide span of topics, from the Clydesdale horses to the coal mines of Scotland; from the struggling fishermen to a hopeful song of Spring; and a new instrumental arrangement of Spered Holvedel. And a few “chestnuts” including Stephen Foster’s Hard Times and a tribute to John Langstaff, Cecil Sharp’s collected version of John Barleycorn.

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  1. David Coffin

    I grew up in a small town by the sea in sweden. 3 years ago I lost a friend, a fisherman. Not to the sea, but to cancer. However he spent his entire life farming the sea. Everytime I hear you sing “no more fish, no Fisherman” I think of him. Your powerful voice gives me comfort. Although him and I mostly spent our Times singing parts to songs by the posies. I am left here. And your songs give me comfort. I just wanted to let you know. People are fast to let other folks know when they are feeling upset. Not when they are feeling thankfull. So I do hope this finds its way to you. All the BEST/John

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