Raves for Music from the King’s Court

“We’ve seen magicians, balloon guys, animal guys, you know, the gamut of children's performers. And while I respect each and every one of their efforts and talents, I suspect that you have a very special gift to have appealed to the children the way you did.

I want to thank you profusely for inspiring the boys, we love music at our house, and I know that you will be one of their earliest and best musical memories.”


“The hour flies! You could play for two hours, and we’d all be thrilled. Your performance offers us ALL a chance to learn something new, while thoroughly enjoying ourselves. As teachers, we all strive to find that balance every day. You make it look easy.”

Suzy Brooks
Mullen-Hall School

“The children were transported to another time and place as you so eloquently and enthusiastically explained the history and evolution of these instruments. I for one was also totally mesmerized by the sound of the wind instruments and the melodies you were able to create on them. Thank you also for sharing your beautiful voice in song.

Monday afternoon I was in the grocery store and there was a boy with his recorder, playing it as he accompanied his mother shopping! You could hear it throughout the store. Talk about impact! Coincidence? I don't think so!

Thank you for sharing this gift with the students.”


“...and especially thanks for teaching my son how to make noise with a straw. He didn’t make enough noise as it was! It was neat to see him experiment with cutting the straw to change the pitch and try to make a window on one too.”


“Your performance this afternoon was a perfect combination of music, science and humor. The kids were entranced, and I think motivated to practice their recorders even more!”

Maria Herrick
Pine Hill School

“Well let me tell you, you have about another 200 fans that include students, teachers, parents and the school principal!!! You were wonderful, so engaging, entertaining and interesting. Your ability to span the different ages of the students and keep them actively interested was excellent.”

Michelle Carli
St. Patrick's School

“From the moment that David Coffin arrived bearing his fascinating collection of gemshorns, recorders, bombards, shawms, ocarinas, rauschpfieffes ,etc.., the children (and staff) were captivated by his rendition of the history of wind instruments. David is a master entertainer, not only through impeccable musical talent but also his natural ability to draw in his audience. He is a music historian, comedian, virtuoso player and singer all rolled into one.”

Stephen Smith
Waring School Summer Music Festival