Life at Sea Educational Chart

Let's go on a virtual whaling voyage!

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Boston, MA

No one else is hiring. You might as well get a job on a Yankee whaling ship.

Song Clip: 'Tis Advertised


New Bedford, MA

…but the Coffins were from Nantucket, the most famous whaling port.

Song Clip: New Bedford


New Bedford, MA

Believe everything you hear.

Song Clip: They Tell You


Nantucket, MA

Time to hoist the mud hook and set all sails. Wave good-bye to your sweethearts. It'll be three years before you see them again.

Song Clip: Man the Good Capstan


South of Nantucket

Ah… the open ocean. Get used to it lads!

Song Clip: Sailing Out Over the Bar


Between U.S. & Cape Verde

I just don't feel too well…

Song Clip: Out to Sea


Rio Grande, South America

“Put in” for provisions and repairs.

Song Clip: At Rio


Galapagos Islands

Whaling ships often stopped at the Galapagos Islands to take on stacks of turtles.


Between Mexico and Hawaii

Now the hunt begins in earnest

Song Clip: Mighty School of Whales


Between Mexico and Hawaii

This is the most dangerous part of the hunt. The fluke can easily "stove in" a whale boat and the drown the crew.

Song Clip: Get Too Near the Fluke


Between Mexico and Hawaii

The crew gets to sing and dance every now and again.

Song Clip: I'se the By


Back Towards Cape Horn

If you get home alive, you will surely sing about it

Song Clip: Farewell and Adieu


West of Cape Verde

There is nothing like sailing home with a full load of oil and dreams of all the money you probably didn't make.

Song Clip: When We Get Home


Close to Nantucket

Everyone's keeping lookout for home.

Song Clip: Yankee Chorus


Nantucket, MA

Greatest feeling on earth (and sea) is when the anchor is dropped.

Song Clip: Grand Ship to Anchor